Estate Planning for Young Families

As parents of children under age 18, you have some very specific and very critical issues that need to be addressed in your estate planning.
You need to make sure that the right people will be in place to care for your children, and you need to make sure that whatever assets you
leave for them will be handled appropriately.

The way you set up your estate plan will have more of an impact on your children’s future than what you leave for them.


  • Why “Traditional Estate Plans” are wrong for young families
  • What your “estate” includes
  • How Living Trusts keep the Courts out of your children’s assets,
    and how they keep your children from having uncontrolled access to an inheritance when they are too young
  • How Living Trusts save money and preserve your privacy
  • How to have peace of mind that your children are provided for and secure in their future
  • And much more!