Our Video Library

We hope that you find our Video Library to be a great place to learn more about Estate Planning and Estate Administration issues.

We believe that when you understand more about the issues and options you have with your planning, you are able to make the best plans for you and your loved, and achieve the best results. Our goal, when creating these videos, is to provide you some useful information in short, “bite-sized” pieces, on specific legal topics.

Knowing how to design your estate plan the right way, or how to administer an estate, or even finding the best attorney for your specific circumstances to help you with these important legal matters can be difficult tasks. Hopefully, these videos will help you in your process of learning and understanding what information you need to know – before you ever walk into an attorney's office.

If you have legal questions, we encourage you to visit our Consumer Guide page and download a free Consumer Guide on the topic or topics that most fit your needs, or and call us at 419-872-7670. We look forward to hearing from you.

“Why Is Estate Planning So Important?”

Everyone needs to do some kind of estate plan. Regardless of who you are, whether you are single or married, have kids or not, are young or older, and no matter your level of assets, a good estate plan is important for you. This video helps you understand why.

“Understanding Living Trusts”

You've probably heard of Living Trusts, but if you think they're overly-complicated or only for super-rich people, then this video will help you understand how living trusts work and why people use them.

“The Problems with Joint Ownership”

Some people may tell you that owning your property “jointly” with someone else is a good way to avoid Probate, but there are 3 major problems with this approach. This video explains why this is not a good way to avoid Probate.

“What is Probate?”

Understanding what Probate is and how it works is essential to being able to make good decisions for yourself and your loved ones about your estate planning needs. In this video,we take a look at the purpose of Probate and the basic things that need to be done in a Probate proceeding.

“3 Reasons to Avoid Probate”

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when I am meeting with people about their estate planning is “Why Should I Avoid Probate? What's the big deal?” In this video, I give you the 3 top reasons why you want to avoid Probate.

“What is a Power of Attorney?”

A Power of Attorney (POA) is an important legal document that everyone should have. However, before creating a POA it's important to understand what they do and what your options are. This video gives a brief explanation of what a POA is and what some of the options are in creating a POA.

“What is the Difference between Medicare and Medicaid?”

Medicare and Medicaid are often confused by people. While they are both government-run health care programs, they are very different from one another and it is important to understand those differences. This video explains the differences.

“How to Protect Your Beneficiaries”

If you think that your only option in making your estate plan is to give assets “outright” to your beneficiaries, this video will explain how we can build beneficiary protections into our estate planning.

“What is Your Estate?”

Some people believe that they will have an “estate” only when they accumulate a certain amount of assets. This video explains what is included in your estate, and what your estate planning needs to address.

“Should I Have a Living Trust?”

We get this question a lot from people. The answer surprises a lot of people. It has a lot less to do with “how much” you have, and more about your planning needs and goals. This video explains the reasons.