Communicating Your Estate…

Communicating Your Estate Plan

Communicating your estate plan with your loved ones can preserve family relationships after you pass away. You may not want to share details like your net worth or who is getting what, but you should consider talking about how your assets will be div… Read More
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Preparing for your Initia…

Preparing for your Initial Estate Appointment

If you’re named as the Executor in a loved one’s Will, or as the Successor Trustee of their trust, you’ll need to be prepared to evaluate the estate with the attorney who will help you through the estate administration process. How the estate w… Read More
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Frequently Asked Estate Q…

Frequently Asked Estate Questions

We get a lot of questions from people about the beginning of the estate administration process. We’ve provided some of the most common questions and the answers as a resource here for you. 1. How do I pay for the funeral expenses? Payment of the fu… Read More
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