Save Money With An Estate Plan

Decorative photo of a piggy bank on top of a stack of $100 bills behind a pile of coins.

Everyone is trying to save money and protect their assets for themselves and their families. We know you worked hard for what you own.

Did you know an estate plan can help you save money? Here are two key ways:

  1. Use your estate plan to help your family avoid a potentially costly, time-consuming probate proceeding. Avoid probate and save money by creating a trust. Transfer your assets into the trust with you as the trustee and the initial beneficiary and you'll retain exclusive control over the trust during your lifetime. Then when you pass away, trust assets avoid probate and can be distributed directly to your beneficiaries. Expensive probate typically is not needed with a properly created and managed trust.
  2. You can add asset protection trusts to your estate plan. With a properly drafted asset protection trust you can protect your beneficiaries from a divorcing spouse, creditor, civil judgment, or others who may be eyeing that money.

You can read more about trusts in chapters 11-13 in our easy-to-read Protecting your Family's Future book.

You can set up trusts that protect and secure your family’s future. Using the right estate planning strategies helps you save money. We would be honored to help you and your family create and implement these strategies. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us: or (419) 872-7670.