Avoid Probate, Protect Loved Ones, and Preserve Assets With a Living Trust Estate Plan

Living Trusts

A living trust is an estate planning document that people create to do several things:

A living trust allows you to maintain control of your own property while you are alive and well

A living trust allows you to appoint someone to control your property for you if they become incapacitated and are no longer able to manage your property for yourselves

A living trust allows you to pass your assets to your beneficiaries in the ways that are appropriate for each beneficiary, given each beneficiary’s strengths and challenges

Why Create a Living Trust?

People use living trusts in their estate planning because it is the best way to keep their estate out of Probate. This simplifies the process, keeps your private information private, and also saves a significant amount of money in costs and fees.

Trusts also allow you to control how distributions are made to your beneficiaries, so you are able to customize the plan to the needs of each individual and provide protections for your loved ones.

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