Estate Planning for Young Families

No matter how old you or your children are, having a concrete estate plan in place is an essential part of planning your financial future. By making sure that the plan for your assets and estate is clearly spelled out, and that you can avoid the pitfalls of probate, you can ensure that no matter what happens, your family and your children will be provided for.

If you are the parent of a younger child, ask yourself these questions:
  • Is it important to you to make sure that your children would use their inheritance in the best way possible, and to protect them from poor judgment, immaturity and others who might take advantage of them?
  • Do you have a child or children under age 18?
  • Do you want to learn how to design an estate plan in a way that protects your kids in the event of something unexpected?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then putting together the right kind of estate plan is critical for you and your family. You need to learn the issues and your planning options, and to understand the potential consequences for making the wrong kind of plan.

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Putting Families First

Chamberlain Law Group has counseled hundreds of young families in Perrysburg and the surrounding Toledo area, helping them put together the right estate plan for themselves and their young children. Our goal is to ensure that the right plan is in place, to protect your children and your family from losing out on what you’ve worked so hard to provide.

If you have young children, or need to put a new estate plan in place to ensure their financial future is safe from the unexpected, it is never too early to put a plan in place. To learn more about estate planning for young families, including the answers to the above questions, then call Chamberlain Law Group today at 419- 872-7670.