Estate Planning Services

Estate planning is the process in which the clients and the attorneys work together to discover the particular needs and goals that the clients have with respect to the lifetime management of their assets and the distribution of their estates to their family and loved ones after their deaths, and then create a customized plan that is designed to meet those needs and goals.

Throughout the process, you teach us about yourselves and your loved ones, we teach you about the laws that will have an impact on your planning goals, and together we design a plan that will work for you.

  • Preserve Your Wealth:

    Minimize taxes, court costs and legal expenses that can go along with transferring assets to your loved ones.

  • Protect Loved Ones:

    Plan around those who might be irresponsible with money or who may need future protection from creditors or divorce, and ensure they and their assets are protected.

  • Protect Your Family's Privacy:

    Personal information and detailed asset information is made public record in probate. Take steps during the estate planning process to protect your privacy.

  • Reduce the Risk of Disputes:

    Plan your estate in a way that will make it easy for your loved ones to administer, and reduce the risk of disputes among your beneficiaries.

  • Plan Your End of Life Care:

    Your plan will include instructions for your care if you become disabled before you pass.

Protect Those You Love and Preserve What You Have

Chamberlain Law will help you discover your specific estate planning needs and goals, and then help you design an estate plan to meet those needs and goals. We help you understand your options and opportunities, and guide you through the process of creating a customized plan that fits what you need and want.

A Good Estate Plan Should Include:
  • A comprehensive Will or Trust
  • A written agreement concerning the status of your assets
  • A directive to your physician or a Durable Power of Attorney
  • Final instructions of your preference

Some people mistakenly believe that estate planning is only for wealthy or older individuals near retirement. The truth is that estate planning is important for every adult, no matter their age, income level or marriage status. We’ve provided several links to estate planning checklist and frequently asked questions to help make it clear why everyone should have an estate plan in place, including you.

If you'd like to attend one of our estate planning seminars, or to download our Free Estate Planning Checklist, please click on the links below.