Chamberlain Law Group Adopts New Name

Logo reads: Legacy Law Group, Ltd. Formerly Chamberlain Law Grouop

Chamberlain Law Group Ltd. has officially become “Legacy Law Group, Ltd.”

Why the name change?

“We’ve been fortunate to have our client base grow and continue to grow,” says Richard Chamberlain, founder and managing attorney. “In order to continue to serve our clients in the best way possible through this growth process, we’ll need to add more attorneys to our firm over the next several years. The name change has been done to convey the message our firm isn’t just about me as a solo attorney. Instead of having to change the firm name when new attorneys join the firm, as we continue to grow and add new attorneys, they’ll become a part of the "Legacy Law Group” family. We chose the word ‘Legacy’ because it speaks to our mission of assisting our clients in passing their legacy to their families and loved ones through their estate planning.”

Fifteen years ago, Richard Chamberlain established the law firm with a mission: To bring peace of mind to our clients by advising and assisting them in creating legal plans to Protect Those They Love and Preserve What They Have. On January 1st of this year, Timothy Alley was officially made a part owner of Legacy Law Group, Ltd. after having worked at the firm as an attorney since 2012.

“One important aspect that does not change are the relationships Tim and I have established with our clients,” says Richard. “We will continue to work with those individual clients as we have done so in the past, regardless of who joins our firm.” Richard also wants clients to know the firm name change does not affect the validity of any legal documents for clients, since the firm name is not considered a part of the legal document. Furthermore, no changes need to be made to those documents as a result of the name change.

Richard says that even though his name is no longer in the firm’s name, he has no plans to leave the firm or retire any time soon. “I very much enjoy serving clients, and it’s quite apparent from our growth that we are filling a need out there. God willing, I hope to still be serving clients here 15 and 20 years from now.”

For now, the firm's website address and our email addresses will not change. ​

If you have any questions about the name change or growth in the firm, please contact us at 419-872-7670.