Legacy Law Group helps our clients create new business entities, as well as with business planning for their existing businesses. Our goal is to give you advice and direction if you are thinking about setting up a business or considering selling your business.

Business Planning Can Help You With:

  • Protecting assets and reducing your taxable burden
  • Establishing or reclassifying the legal structure of your business
  • Create a legal foundation for your business to continue to grow
  • Establishing a plan of succession for the future

Forming a Limited Liability Company

FORMING AN LLC Legacy Law Group can help you fully and effectively form an Ohio LLC, including the preparing and filing of the documents with the Ohio Secretary of State and the preparation of the documents for the ongoing operations of your business.

MANAGING AND PROTECTING YOUR LLC Your LLC is not complete when you file the Articles of Organization. We understand the important issues that can and should be addressed in the LLC Operating Agreement, and will make sure your structure is sound.

Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning is a critical step in developing the transition plan for your company after you’re ready to retire. Having a roadmap to success, and an understanding of what to do with your company when you are ready to pass the torch, helps establish both employee and client confidence in your corporation.

Legacy Law Group can help guide you down the path to corporate success, and provide you the legal and financial foundation you need to build a lasting and successful business.

If you own a business, you know how important it is to make plans for the future. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or have other co-owners who work with you, the need to plan includes the eventual transition of your business when you are ready to move on. When you leave your business, either because you’ve decided to retire, or because you become disabled or pass away, you need to make sure that:

  • Your loved ones will receive the benefit of the business you’ve built
  • Your business will continue to thrive after you’ve left

Without proper planning, the business could lose value, or even go out of business, in the transition from you to its new owner. Your employees could be left without direction, or even without jobs, if plans aren’t made for the effective transition of the business to the right new owner. Ultimately, the legacy you spent a lifetime building could fall apart without the proper care and planning set in place today.

Succession Planning for Business Owners

Legacy Law Group can provide you with information on the subject of business succession planning. Whether you are in business by yourself or with other co-owners, you need to learn how to plan for the succession of your business and


Buy-Sell Agreements

Legacy Law Group can provide information and advice on how best to use Buy-Sell Agreements, including Triggering Events, setting the Purchase Price, and using Life Insurance to fund the purchase.