Do you listen to podcasts?

We’re excited to announce that Richard has recently launched a new weekly podcast, “Protecting your Family’s Future.”

As you might guess, the podcast is all about estate planning and how it’s used to protect you and your loved ones.

We firmly believe that a good estate plan starts with an understanding of the issues and options and of the opportunities and potential pitfalls. This podcast, therefore, will cover those topics and more.

As we do with most things, we’re keeping things simple and manageable with this podcast. Each episode will only be 5 minutes (or so) long, so you won’t have to carve out major chunks of time to learn about these topics. And as always, we don’t get technical or use legalese.

We hope you’ll check out our podcast and share it with the people you think will benefit from it.

The podcast is available on all the major podcast platforms:




Amazon Music/Audible

iHeart Radio