Estate Planning for Those At or Near Retirement (50+)

We understand that estate planning can be a daunting process, but the Chamberlain Law Group is here to help you understand the issues and the options you have available to you. We do our best to guide you through the estate planning process, and to arrive at a destination where you can feel secure and comfortable, no matter what happens in the future.

We work with you to help you determine the best type of estate plan to meet your needs and goals, and then help you design a customized plan in the best interests of both you and your family. With our years of experience serving clients of all ages and all estate sizes, Chamberlain Law Group can help you identify the pitfalls to avoid and the opportunities to take advantage of.

Protect Those You Love and Preserve What You Have

With every estate plan, we're concerned with addressing three critical things:

1. Management

  • Making sure that if you become incapacitated, the right people can immediately take over the management of your assets and use them to provide for you and your needs;
  • Putting provisions in place for the proper management of your assets after you pass

2. Preservation

  • Maximizing the amount of your assets that will be passed on to your beneficiaries, by paying the least amount possible in taxes, court costs and attorney fees.

3. Distribution

  • Having the right people receive the assets you've worked a lifetime to accumulate and save, instead of the people dictated by the law; and
  • Having those people receive the assets at the right time, appropriate to their age, needs, abilities, strengths and challenges.
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Without the right estate plan in place, you will lose control over these critical components of your estate, and the consequences for you and your family for failing to address these issues can be devastating. A well-drafted and maintained estate plan, including a Revocable Living Trust, can achieve all of these objectives.

The Advantages of a Living Trust

Many people believe that a Will is all that is needed for an effective estate plan. However, a Will-based estate plan has many limitations and often is not enough to meet a client's needs. In many cases, we will work with our clients to design and create a Living Trust estate plan.

A Living Trust is a legal document that can be used to allow clients to maintain control of their assets during their lifetimes, even if they become incapacitated and cannot manage their own financial affairs.

In addition, a Living Trust also allows the client to control the manner in which their assets will be distributed to their loved ones after their deaths, taking into account the individual strengths and skills of each beneficiary, as well as the challenges that each one may face. A Living Trust estate plan allows for an efficient administration of a client's estate, saving the client's family as much as possible in professional fees, court costs, and taxes.

Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys

Chamberlain Law Group concentrates on putting together estate plans for the retiring or newly retired individual who wants to protect their financial future and that of their families. Our experienced team of estate planning lawyers will put together a plan that will keep your legacy and your assets intact for both yourself and future generations.

For more information about how we can protect you and those you care about most, please contact Chamberlain Law Group today at 419-872-7670 to schedule your free, no obligation consultation. Or, consider attending one of our free seminars on the importance of estate planning for retirees and seniors, check out our upcoming schedule here.