Protecting your Beneficiaries
Sept. 07, 2017 Posted by Richard Chamberlain

You may have noticed that we use the phrase “Protecting Those You Love and Preserving What You Have” to describe our services. This phrase really describes our approach to our work and sums up what makes us different.

Special Needs Planning
Aug 31, 2017 Posted by Richard Chamberlain

If you have a child or other loved one (whether a minor or an adult) with special needs, such as mental or physical disabilities, you know that caring for them requires special care and planning.

Standalone Retirement Trusts
Aug 24, 2017 Posted by Richard Chamberlain

These days, it's become more important than ever to make the right plans for your IRAs and to have them integrated into your estate planning. With the right planning, you can maximize the benefit to your beneficiaries, while also providing significant protection from creditors, bankruptcy, or divorce.

Why Avoid Probate?
Aug 17, 2017 Posted by Richard Chamberlain

Almost everyone we meet with for estate planning comes to us wanting to avoid Probate. Some of those people have been through the process with the estate of a loved one. Their experience in the Probate process gave them the background to understand that they want to keep their own estate out of Probate.

How Should You Handle Personal Property in your Estate Plan?
Nov 07, 2016 Posted by Richard Chamberlain

Too often the handling of personal property in an estate is overlooked, and too often, it is the biggest source of contention and fighting among beneficiaries. Make sure that you address your personal property in your planning.

Four things you must do when you've inherited a house
Aug 27, 2016 Posted by Richard Chamberlain

I recently read a very good article written by a mortgage loan originator in Tennessee. The article is entitled "3 Things You Must Do after Inheriting a Home." The article states that after a home is inherited, there can be a feeling of "acquired wealth," but you still need to assess the situati...

Prince Died without a Will
Apr 25, 2016 Posted by Richard Chamberlain

The unexpected death of iconic singer/songwriter Prince last week has been dominating the headlines ever since it happened. It's yet another example of someone taken too young without warning. While the repercussions will continue to reverberate throughout the media for weeks or months to come, ...

Dave Ramsey is Wrong about Living Trusts
Apr 14, 2016 Posted by Richard Chamberlain

Dave Ramsey gets a lot of good things done, and he helps a lot of people with debt and getting their financial houses in order. He's very knowledgeable about a lot of things relating to debt and finances, but he apparently doesn't know a lot about living trusts. I have a lot of respect for Dave...

“What Should We Share with our Family about our Estate Plan?”
Mar 27, 2016 Posted by Richard Chamberlain

This is a question that comes up often, in one of many forms. Usually about midway through our Delivery Meeting, our client will ask something along the lines of either “should we give our kids a copy of this?” or “what should we tell our kids about this plan?” Our answer is always the same: wha...

Who Should you Name as your Successor Trustee?
Mar 03, 2016 Posted by Richard Chamberlain

If you are looking into creating a Revocable Living Trust, you probably want to name yourself as the initial Trustee (or you and your spouse would be named as Co-Trustees) so you can continue to have control of your assets and your financial affairs. However, you will also need to name Successor ...